About Alexandru Muscalu

I’m Alexandru Muscalu a web developer living in Bucharest, Romania.
Currently I'm spending my days working for Crowd Favorite, building awesome websites for top 500 fortune companies.


What I'm doing

I spend my time creating websites using PHP, MySQL for back-end programming and enjoy using  HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS and jQuery/Javascript for front-end developing.
I’m also using  in my day to day routine the following GIT, Gulp, Compass and obviously Photoshop.


How did I became a web developer

I’ve started learning programming back when I was just 10 years old and was doing small C++ programs, I realized back then that this is something that I like doing.
After playing around with different programming languages in 2008 I’ve stumbled across PHP and HTML.

This was an ice breaker for me and I’ve realized that this was what I was looking for and from that point on I was no longer searching but I was learning and building my knowledge in web development and becoming a passionate web developer.

I’m extremely passionate about web development and I'm constantly reading something about web development or I'm doing something new and awesome.


Things I like

Besides web development I enjoy spending my time with my fiancee, listening to music, watching movies, playing arisoft in weekends and most of all I like to travel.


Contact me

You can send me a message at alex@alexandrumuscalu.ro or give me a call at +40723672458